Students’ memories on the meeting in Greece

Students’ memories of the meeting in Greece in the framework of Erasmus+ project called „Energy Storage and Alternative Energy” 2017-2019

“It was my 4th meeting abroad, and it can be easily considered as a one of the best ones. Even despite the weather that welcomed us in Greece. The week in Greece was extremely productive. I learnt a lot of things about alternative energy, but also about storing energy, and last but not least about how much energy depends on weather conditions. Seeing the life of the island from inside was extremely exciting and understanding the habits prevailing on Kos was really developing. Citizens of Kos were incredibly kind to us. Especially my host family. They made me feel like one of them for the whole week, I felt like I had known them for my whole life, even though it was just a week. The meeting in Greece was also o great summary of the whole project. The information in the presentations changed my point of view and mindset. But also, I had an opportunity to remember about what I had learnt during the previous meetings e.g. about foldable solar panels, which were mentioned in Denmark, Poland and then in Greece. But as I have mentioned before, the most important for me were the people. I have made new friends and strengthened the existing friendships. I strongly regret that it is my last project. Thank you all.” Jakub Kosiorek

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Models of Energy Storage and Alternative Energy and how to use them

  1. Possible solutions about the main problems presented in this project (related to Energy Storage and best use of Alternative Energy). Existing (or suggested by the project) models for Energy Storage, use of Alternative Energy and proposals about saving energy.
  2. How to use the models or ideas presented during the project in your local area, but most of all in your country.

Task 2 European Grid

Task 2 Denmark

Task 2 Greece

Task 2 Poland

Task 2 UK

Dissemination of the meeting in London

Here are the links where you can read about Erasmus+ Energy Storage meeting in London:,5268.html

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