A poem about energy

The following poem was written by the students participating in the meeting in Greece:


Our world is in danger

The climate is getting stranger

The sea level is rising

With the life of species we are dicing

If we stick to this way

Human  kind cannot continue to play

We need to take action today

If these problems are not solved

And if we do not get involved

The future might not look so bright

Our Earth will be covered by blight

We will be plagued by storm

The world we know will transform

We will drown in catastrophe

Our globe will suffer unnaturally

We should be using alternative sources

And finding different courses

The road is not going to be easy as that

There will be bumps and holes, the way will not be flat

‘Cause the sources we use

Are not easy to produce

The wind might blow some

But then clouds may cover the sun


We need to store our energy

Or the grid will be in jeopardy

With the capacitors we can store

And with the flywheel we will soar

Into the mountains we will pump water

Molten salt will be our supporter

The problems are vast

But we need to break from the past

Our generation is shadowed by conflict

By fear of a climate we cannot predict

The next ones should not have to worry

Our future kind should live in glory

Mother Nature has sustained us for thousands of years

Let us not bring her to tears

We can make change happen together

With energy sources that last forever


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