Polish students’ memories of the meeting in Denmark

„The project I had an opportunity to take part in, was prepared perfectly from the technical side. The atmosphere also was a strong side. I had an opportunity to improve my language skills and break the language barrier.
Living in someone’s house helps discover the true culture of a country, so I could fell really Danish for a while. But the most important part of the project definitely was the knowledge I could gain. Mostly the wind turbine technology, and what is even more important I finally understood what the problem of storing energy is all about.”  Jakub Kosiorek

„For me, the visit in Denmark was an unforgettable experience. The family was very hospitable, the atmosphere was very nice. The pupils from Denmark treated us the best they could. We could see the their efforts and of their teachers, especially the coordinating teacher Mikkel Max. I liked the subject of the project very much because it coincides with what we are discussing in physics classes.

Communication did not cause any problems despite such different accents and nationalities. I hope that friendships will last as long as possible and that we will meet again in the future.” Jakub Szymański

„I’ll remember the visit in Denmark for a long time. I met a lot of awesome people from different countries of Europe, and I hope that our friendships will survive despite the distance between our countries. Thanks to this visit I have become more tolerant. I’ve learnt about different customs. Danish people are a really joyful nation. My host family was trying to make the time pass more pleasantly for me and they wanted to show me Copenhagen from the best side. They wanted me to know something about Denmark, they told me about Danish history, they were teaching me Danish words and sentences. In Poland we keep distance between pupils and teachers. In Denmark teachers are in friendship with students, they can meet teachers after school. This week I was going through my language barriers. I stopped to care about making mistakes, I’m still learning so I can make mistakes, the most important is that I always try to speak. For one week in Denmark I had the time of my life and learnt a lot about Danish history.” Julia Libera

„A trip to Denmark was an amazing experience. The ability to create your own projects and their construction is really fun, but also learning. I learned a lot of important things in terms of physics and chemistry. Knowing the culture of the Danes and visiting Copenhagen, despite the cold weather, was successful. I met some very interesting people and I hope that our contact will remain for a long time.” Kasper Lasota

„Before I went to Denmark I had seen in the bookstores a lot of books about Hygge, the Danish art of happiness. I was wondering if people in Denmark are that happy, to write books. When I came to Denmark, I saw immediately that people are there really happy and I was shocked, because they ride bicycles despite the low temperature, they make their country better. I feel that all Danish people are really sincere. I saw that Danish people “touch each other”, in Poland something like that is unnatural. I think that is very very nice. I really want to go back to Denmark, where I met lots of lovely and nice people and I learnt how to be self-reliant.” Kinda Jeszke

„During the exchange in Denmark I met people who I could meet on exchanges before, but also I made new friends with some students from different countries. I can evaluate the whole trip positively, thanks to it I was able to improve my English, and get to know some new interesting stuff about physics and chemistry sciences. I would like to thank for a really warm welcome in Copenhagen, and for the possibility to get to know the culture of another country. During the workshops in DTU Lyngby Nanotek, I could get to know how exactly a solar panel works, how to apply them and what determines their efficiency. The visit in DTU Risø allowed me to see the only one four-headed wind turbine in the world and expand my knowledge about renewable sources of energy. The trip to Experimentarium was very fascinating for me. I was able to experience a lot of physical phenomena in a funny way. The Thursday party was very exciting to me, I had great fun. On this trip I bought some souvenirs. I hope I’ll meet those wonderful people again during the next exchanges.” Paweł Szulczyk

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