Meeting in Poland as seen by the Greek team

Meeting in Grojec, Poland  04/11/2017 – 10/11/2017

As seen by the Greek team of students

Our school, 2nd Lyceum of Kos “Odysseas Elytis”, participated in the program with the following group of students:

  1. Dimitris Trigas
  2. Olympia Triga
  3. Stefanos Paraslaridis
  4. Domniki Hatzinikolaou
  5. Teodora Marinova
  6. Eirini Papaggeli

Our partners come from:  Denmark, Poland and England. Each country had six students to participate in the programme.


As we arrived early we had the opportunity to discover Warsaw with the guidance of our host students. We became aware of the Polish capital’s tradition, the modern parts, famous places and monuments such as the Palace Of Culture And Science, in which many events are being held, the National Stadium of Poland, the Zlote Tarasy mall and the old town of Warsaw. The highlight was the Wilánow palace, which was surrounded by the king’s magical garden. It was illuminated in vivid lights with representations of the flora and fauna of the area.


On Monday we were welcomed at school Liceum Ogólnokształcące name Piotra Skargi in Grójec  F and we met all the other students from the partner schools. We had the chance to follow a ceremony for the celebration of the Day Of  Independence Of Poland. There were local students reciting texts and a choir singing songs linked to the day. At a later time we had lunch all together in the school as the polish students had prepared homemade food in the frame of a food competition.

The national groups presented their work about alternative energy use in their countries. Then we went to the Town Hall, where we met the Mayor and Governor and they talked about the history of the town. That was the ending of that day, then we had free time which we spend all together to the swimming pool and playing sports.



The whole international group had a study visit in Technical university of Warsaw. We had a guided tour in Technical University Premises and especially the oldest,where many events take place mostly cultural and scientific. Then, University Professors gave us lectures about renewable energy, the different kinds, their perspectives and restrictions, the state of Art in this searching area.

Moreover, we spent some free time in the old town of Warsaw, wandering around alleys and having coffee with the participants and finally we had lunch at a traditional polish restaurant.


Wednesday was a day for lectures and experiments. We visited the National Centre for Nuclear Research in Swierk, where we talked about radioactivity and how it exists everywhere. When we came back from Swierk, we had free time and then we went at the school for the talent show. Some kids sang, others danced and others made experiments on stage. After that, we went downstairs, where we danced and had fun with all the participants. It was an amazing night in general and we had a great time!  After the museum, we had lunch at a traditional restaurant.


On Thursday morning we met at the school with all the other students and teachers. We were divided into 6 groups and wrote articles about energy storage and the use of alternative energy among all the countries that participated in the programme. Later, we visited the Water Treatment Station and then, we returned to school and had lunch. Later on, we finished our essays on alternative energy and composed a magazine altogether. After that, we had free time, which we spent with all the kids.


On Friday we visited the Warsaw University of Technology, the chemistry department. We attended a lecture and then we were divided into 6 groups. Each group participated in different experiments and afterwards we had to present the results. Subsequently we visited the Warsaw University Museum and we talked about the history of Poland and especially for Warsaw during and after World War II. The exhibits were mostly interactive, such as a gun used at that period of time. After the museum, we had lunch at a traditional restaurant.


Saturday was the departure day so the most difficult because of the goodbyes we had to say. We came back to Greece full of unforgettable memories that will remain with us forever.


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